Service Provided


Utah Community and Refugee Partnership Center serves refugees who have been forced to flee their countries because of armed conflict, ethnic cleansing, regime change, forced displacement, threats to themselves and their families, and other persecution.  When they cross the border into another country, they may integrate into an urban area, or live in camps—sometimes for years, even decades, before a durable solution is found for them.

On average, Utah welcomes 1,100 refugees each year. They bring skills, values, and attributes with them that make our communities vibrant and strong. While some refugees come with little education or formal job skills, others have obtained higher education and are experienced in their professional careers.

Utah is home to more than 60,000 refugees and are placed in Salt Lake County after they are resettled in Utah by the Catholic Community Services and the International Rescue Committee, where they receive case management services for 8 to 24 months.

After the government-funded refugee assistance program expires, refugees are expected to fend for themselves. UCRPC offers integration assistance beyond the government program and helps refugees relocate from Salt Lake County to other parts of Utah, where more resources are available to them. UCRPC has developed services and programs to ensure that refugee families can provide for their basic needs, including housing and healthcare, gainful employment, and education while they integrate into new communities.